How do I schedule a tour?

You can schedule a tour through our online scheduler here, or call ________ to talk directly with a staff member.

Am I allowed to hold a date without a deposit?

To guarantee your date, a deposit is required.

How can I secure the date?

In order to secure the space, Underhill Gardens requires a signed contract and a deposit.

When can I access the facility to decorate and customize on the day of the event?

Access to the venue is granted by ______ for most events; however, an exact time will be given upon booking.

May I decorate my rented space?

Yes. you are welcome to bring in décor. However, to maintain the authenticity of the property, some limitations will be enforced.

Can I bring in my own food, alcohol, or catering service?

Underhill Gardens has a full-service kitchen and multiple bars to accommodate all catering needs. Additionally, we offer preferred vendors for catering. You may, however, choose to handle catering yourself. Keep in mind that under Idaho law, outside alcoholic beverages of ANY kind are NOT permit-ted on the premises.

Can I have a rehearsal prior to my wedding day?

Yes; however, rehearsal times are subject to availability and not arranged until 60 days prior to your event.

Does Underhill Gardens have a full bar?

Yes, we have three full bars. You have the option to host some of the spirits, all of them, or none of them. There is no minimum requirement on bar purchases.

Does the building have a dance floor?

Underhill Gardens has a dance floor located in the _____ room.

Is the building air conditioned/Can we adjust the heat/air conditioning?

Yes, the building is air conditioned and we have staff at each event who monitor the temperature to suit everyone’s needs.

Is there an insurance requirement?


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Boise, ID 83714

Phone Number: 208-202-2444
Email: stephanie@underhillgarden.com

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